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There are a number of services or 'bots' on FilkNet: they masquerade as ordinary users, but provide a number of security and control features to aid users of the network.

These are:

The best way to find out more is to message the 'bot' with the word 'help' and have a read, for example /msg ChanServ help.

We also run Flanders: Flanders is an infobot, who can learn and pass on useful factoids - you can talk to him on #filkhaven by addressing him by name (e.g. Flanders, when is GAFilk?), or, if you don't want to spam people on channel, you can /msg him (e.g. /msg Flanders help).

Suggestions for what Swann should do welcomed!!

In addition, there are a few more admin-related services:

Mike Whitaker
Last modified: Tue Oct 17 16:01:35 GMT 2000