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We are in principle willing to host any mailing list about matters related to filk. If the list traffic gets sufficient that it places an unacceptable load on the list server, we reserve the right to ask you to move the list (and will of course provide assistance in so doing). [ is a reasonably powerful server, so don't worry about this happening soon: it's handled the production list for ages, with peaking around 40 members and tens of posts a day, without apparently breaking sweat.]

As far as the appropriateness or otherwise of an individual message to a list is concerned, this is a matter for the list owner and/or moderators. We will, though, configure ALL FilkNet-hosted lists to reject all MIME attachments, as these are almost invariably nothing more than a waste of bandwidth.

Mike Whitaker
Last modified: Tue Oct 17 17:08:42 GMT 2000